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The Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA) is the Professional Body for Risk Management in South Africa as recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). This means that we are the custodians of Risk Management in the country, providing a platform to connect like-minded professionals whilst representing the interests of the profession.


The Institute of Risk Management was formed through the amalgamation of The Society of Risk Managers (SRM) and The South African Risk and Insurance Manager Association (SARIMA) in September 2003. Its committees have constantly acknowledged both its importance of role as custodians of best Risk Management practice, and its deep responsibility to develop those in the industry.


Operating from permanent offices in Sandton, Johannesburg, our non-profit organisation represents individuals and organisations from a wide range of industries both from the Private and Public Sector committed to enhancing the Risk Management discipline.


In the pursuit of creating a professional career path for Risk Managers, IRMSA has developed occupational risk management qualifications, namely the Organisational Risk Professional (NQF Level 8) and the Organisational Risk Practitioner (NQF Level 6), developed through the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).


In order to achieve the above, the Institute provides a range of services/products including:

  • Professional accreditation through various levels of membership.

  • Network and information sharing on current risk issues via our online forums, IRMSA Risk Chat and IRMSA Newsflash.

  • A credible platform enabling practitioners to speak on matters affecting the discipline.

  • Research and project development.

  •     Release of the annual Risk Report and other research projects from the Risk Intelligence Committee.

  • Education and Training.

  • IRMSA Guideline to Risk Management.

  • Opportunities for networking and professional development through conferences, briefings and topic focused workshops.


The Institute of Risk Management South Africa hosts the annual Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner, Annual Conference, regional breakfasts throughout the year.


The Risk Management Awards are presented at our annual Gala Dinner, which is a showcase event to thank all our corporate members for their support, and to acknowledge those in the field of Risk Management for their phenomenal contribution. The objective is to recognise and salute individual and organisations support and contribution in promoting Risk Management. By growing the Awards, we’re aiming to raise this initiative as the highest accolade in the Risk Management Sector in South Africa and beyond.



The IRMSA Education and Technical Committee continues to provide members with relevant training

programmes. These training sessions ensure that members have the opportunity to continuously

develop their skill set. IRMSA provides in-house training where organisations may commission specific training topics which can be hosted at any venue in Southern Africa.


IRMSA’s first Certified Risk Management Practitioners were awarded their designation and certificates of recognition at the IRMSA Annual Awards and Gala Dinner which took place in October 2015. This was a great success and turning point for us and the Risk Profession as a whole. This certification will ensure that Risk Managers have the necessary competence and knowledge required of them in their respective roles. The objective of the exam is to ensure that we bridge the skills, knowledge and competency gap of risk professionals in the Industry. The certification exam has been developed in such a way that the candidates learning and work experience are integrated, relevant and transferable to any industry, therefore setting a national standard.  The first official Board Exam for the Certified Risk Management Practitioner was written by candidates in June 2015. The Board Exam for the Certified Risk Management Professional has been developed the Pilot Exam took place on the 17th of March 2016. This outstanding achievement will open opportunities for our members and allow them to grow professionally within their risk environments.


We are dedicated to the advancement of the risk management profession and accreditation, through research, promotion, education, upliftment, training, guidance and strong relationships with other Institutes and Associations.


We strive to encourage, motivate and assist students to obtain their potential with the Risk space.

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