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The role of a risk management professional


Organisations of all types and sizes face internal and external factors and influences that make it uncertain whether and when they will achieve their objectives. Managing risk is dynamic and assists organisations in making informed decisions about setting strategy and achieving objectives. It is part of governance and leadership and how the organisation is managed and includes interaction with stakeholders as an integral part of all activities of the organisation. Managing risk considers the internal and external context of the organisation including human behaviour and cultural factors and risk professionals enable leadership to create and protect value in organisations by supporting excellent decision-making through managing risks and opportunities.

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Students: Have you considered a career in Risk Management?

Have you considered a career in Risk Management? Whether you are considering studying risk management or are just about to embark on your career, risk management will equip you with the resources required to become an integral part of any organisation, irrespective of the industry. The reason for this is that risk management has become a qualified profession in its own right, something which professionals are striving towards at the onset of their careers. Whilst the management of risk is an evolving discipline, varying from strategic to process, very few companies would make any significant decisions without first assessing the risks involved.

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