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Application Criteria

Students up to the age of 26, who are currently enrolled in a Certificate/ Degree/ Diploma on a full or part time basis are eligible for this membership category.

Proof of registration must be supplied accordingly.

The following supporting documentation is required for student applications: 

  1. Current-dated proof of registration at a Tertiary Education Institution, stamped by the Institution

  2. Recently Certified copy of student card, stamped by the issuing Institution

  3. Detailed CV

  4. Recently Certified copy of ID (SA Residents) or Passport (Non SA Residents)

Student membership currently carries no fees.

All Student Membership approved from March 2021, will be valid from the date of approval until 1 March 2022.

Thereafter, Student Membership is renewable on an annual basis and is only valid while the student is enrolled in studies.

Students need to send an email to along with supporting documentation (proof of continuing studies) when renewing.

Student members qualify for member rates at IRMSA events, which provide excellent networking and knowledge-building opportunities.

Click here to apply for IRMSA Student Membership

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