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Transforming Risk Professionals in Namibia


IRMSA training aims to provide training to its members and any other third parties who may wish to register for such training, in order to develop and enhance various risk management and work-related skills that they require, which will assist to enable them to render improved services to their employers and/or clients. 

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Board Exams

Representing the interests of risk management


Members of IRMSA have the opportunity to follow a professional career path by sitting for the IRMSA Board Exams, for the designation of Certified Risk Management Practitioner (CRM Pracs) and Certified Risk Management Professional (CRM Prof). These certifications ensure that Risk Managers across the board have the necessary competence and knowledge required of them in their respective roles.


The objective of Board Exam 1 for the CRM Prac is to ensure that we bridge the skills, knowledge and competency gap of risk professionals in the Industry. The certification exam has been developed in such a way that the candidates’ learning and work experience are integrated, relevant and transferable to any industry, therefore setting a national standard. Board Exam 2 for the CRM Prof is a simulation that assesses candidates’ knowledge, practical and work experience. Successful candidates who are rated as competent are required to submit a work experience logbook to be assessed. Thereafter, they will be awarded with the CRM Prof designation. This outstanding achievement will open opportunities for our members and allow them to grow professionally within their risk environments.

+27 11 555 1800

CRM Practitioner - Board Exam 1

CRM Professional - Board Exam 2

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