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Malebo Phala

Profile Summary


Academic History

  • BCom Intrapreneurial Management

  • BCom (Hons) Strategic Management


Current Occupation

Assistant Risk Officer

My Journey with IRMSA


Initial Contact

As an honours student at the University of Johannesburg, I enrolled in the Risk Management module. IRMSA notified our Risk Management class of an opportunity to participate in a two week Risk Management internship in the USA. I went online and found out more about IRMSA and its objectives and decided to apply for the internship.


The Journey

I was notified that my application had been successful and had therefore been selected to participate in the two week internship in Illinois, USA. We spent a considerable amount of time attending lectures and socialising with students from Illinois State University’s esteemed Katie Business School. I, together with my partner wrote a paper on Risk Management and Sustainability and attended interesting talks hosted by Risk and Insurance students from the university on Risk Management and emerging trends and topics in the industry.


The Impact

The programme provided a great amount of exposure to the Risk Management profession and the relationship that Risk Management has established with the insurance community. The innovative ideas and concepts that we were exposed to really taught us that Risk Management is not conventional and can be utilised by companies to take advantage of opportunities presented - creating value for any industry. Every aspect of this trip was memorable – from the experience of travelling, to the culture, the history and not forgetting the great minds.

Pictures of my Journey

01 Student 02
01 Student 01
01 Student 03
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