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IRMSA Technical Library

The IRMSA Technical Library has been launched after several months of information gathering. The purpose of the library is to provide the risk management fraternity with a high quality knowledge base that addresses topics that will support the daily and longer-term activities of their respective risk management functions. In addition to strategic insight, practical tools will be provided where possible in order to bridge the gap between theory and application.

The library houses risk-related information that is publicly available and will also draw on contributions received from corporate and individual IRMSA members as well as from risk management institutes in other regions. A solid base of information has been gathered and IRMSA will continue to add quality and relevant articles to the library every month. The articles are labelled using a standard naming convention for consistency. Each folder in the library will contain both explanatory and practical application articles. The term ‘practical application’ refers to organisational examples or templates pertaining to a risk-related topic and will precede the article title in the naming convention.

The IRMSA Technical Library can be accessed by using the tabs on the IRMSA website. The articles have been uploaded into folders using the comprehensive breakdown of risk-related themes.


*Note: You need to be have your Member ID to access the Technical Library. Click here to request your Member ID.

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