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Social Media

We have created the social media hastag #IRMSACONF2018 for the conference and ask that you create a buzz on social media. We are are on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Be sure to tag us and we will be sure to give it a like, retweet and a share!

Below are some examples of tweets that can be used leading up to the conference in October:

  • Get ready to be a #BIGTHINKER at #IRMSACONF2018 ... I’ll be speaking at the 2018 IRMSA Annual Conference in October... Join me! Tweet this now

  • Looking forward to seeing everyone at #IRMSACONF2018 this October. #networking #riskmanagement Tweet this now

  • Check it out! I’m speaking about #riskmanagement at #IRMSACONF2018 Tweet this now


We also encourage you take photos at the conference and share them on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (using @IRMSAInsight or #IRMSACONF2018).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the events team at

I am a speaker at the 2018 IRMSA Annual Conference!

In preparation for the Conference this year, we would like your assistance to build excitement and let both the IRMSA and the risk management community know that we will be in at the IRMSA Conference on 3 & 4 October 2018. Below are some tips to help you get yourself and us some exposure!

Below we have created a banner that you can add to your signature.

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