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27 & 28 September 2022


Our dynamic conference programme is now available! Please complete the form below and you will be directed to a webpage to download the programme.

The conference programme has been strongly influenced by the 2022 IRMSA Guideline on Integrating Strategy, Risk and Resilience which outlines the  value proposition, from a risk management perspective:


It is critical that in decision making, the integration of strategy, risk, and resilience challenges leadership to concern themselves with continually testing their strategic direction and strategic decision making from a risk perspective, as risk is about threats and opportunities.

Excellent decision  making (sound and timeous)  requires the integration of strategy, risk and resilience as it means a more efficient organisation with improved agility. Adaptiveness and ability to learn.  Risk and strategy should also have oversight around performance against strategy implementation, or else the strategy is just a document and not implemented. Strategy therefore responds to the external and internal environment (risk appetite and strategic risks) to either change strategic direction or manage implementation (operational risks).

No organisation can foresee everything or has the funds or human capability to manage every risk. The integration of strategy, risk and resilience improves the longer-term viability and sustainability of the organisation. 

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